Live Class Schedule

Let's move
MONDAY March 14: 7:30am FullBodyFitness with Jenny & 8pm Yin with Jennilu
TUESDAY March 15: 7:30am Yoga with Tammy
WEDNESDAY March 16: 7:30am Functional Strength with Jenny
THURSDAY March 17: no live class
FRIDAY March 18: 7:00am Tabata/ Cardio & Core with Jenny
SATURDAY March 19: no live class
SUNDAY March 20: no live class
Find Your Balance

Class Descriptions

 CardioPilates – This all-over body conditioning workout is an interval-style class that combines low-impact cardiovascular movements with functional Pilates-inspired core exercises. Ideally, light to medium hand weights, a Pilates ball, and minibands are incorporated in this workout, but you can totally get away without them!

CoreBodyFusion -Think Pilates meets Barre meets Functional Mobility! Bring your Pilates ball, your mini bands, and light dumbbells, and get ready to challenge yourself with a range of movement exercises, deep core focus & intrinsic muscle isolations.

FullBodyFitness – This FITNESS class targets muscular strength as well as your cardiovascular system in short blocks designed for maximum calorie burn & metabolic training. Ideally, you have a selection of dumbbells or kettlebells, but you can always modify if you don’t have the equipment at home. High & low-impact and intensity options are always provided.

Functional Strength – This full-body workout focuses on functional strength exercises, which means compound movements mimicking the way that our bodies move on a day-to-day basis. Ideally, you will have a selection of dumbbells or kettlebells, but modifications are provided if you do not have the appropriate equipment for your at-home workout.

HappyHips & Shoulders – This gentle recovery yoga class supports students in postures and movements that invite attention to the main joints within the body that typically hold tension and disfunction. Held stretches, functional movements, and breath awareness are integral to this grounded yoga practice suitable for all levels.

Hatha – This classic style of yoga brings attention to the postures themselves and typically has practitioners hold poses for 30 seconds or more. A perfect class for those new to yoga, and those wishing to focus on yoga foundations.

Meditation – It’s time to get still within. A 30-minute guided meditation, relaxation, and/or visualization to inspire connection and peace within one’s self.

SlowFlow (Recovery Flow) – A gently active yoga practice that supports the student in bringing the body into balance to promote recovery from poor posture, daily fitness, and other regular stressors.

Tabata – A Tabata format is a 45-minute workout composed of 8 exercises or movements repeated for 20-seconds on and 10-seconds of rest, repeated 8 rounds each. Simple to follow with progression and options always offered.

YangYin -The perfect practice when you are seeking the best of both worlds! The first portion of the practice is active and focus on building heat and is sweetly balanced with a quiet and grounding introspective sequence to stretch and still the body and nervous system.

Yin Yoga -A gently intense yoga practice that keeps you close to the earth in deep postures and stretches focused on restoring mobility and stretch and traditionally tight areas within the body. Most poses are held for 3-5 minutes.

MindulFlow – An active vinyasa-style yoga class that guides practitioners through a balanced, safe, and creative series of yoga postures & functional movements designed to promote strength, mobility, flexibility, balance & focus in body, mind, and spirit.