20 Years of Movement

Namaste & Welcome!

I am honoured that you are here. I have created this website as a platform for you to clearly see the unique approach I take as a movement educator, yoga & meditation teacher, fitness coach and purely  “real” human being that I am. My hope is that through this site you get a sense of who I am and what I offer, as a result of almost 20 years of trial and error in movement, instruction and in life. Please feel free to dive in and explore my classes, workshops, trainings and opportunities to connect and join me in this authentic, well-informed and supportive community. Thank you for trusting me.

Jennifer Jackson




Jenny has been teaching yoga and strength movement for over 20 years. In addition to being a school teacher, Jenny has spent the last 2 decades immersed in the wellness industry. To date, she has owned a studio, taught at the college level, acted as the Wellness Coordinator at Ste. Anne’s Spa, organized international retreats and held a Regional Coordinator role for Canada’s largest fitness company. Over the years Jenny has cultivated a style that is undeniably her own, blending influence from Eastern philosophy and wisdom, yet deeply rooted in anatomy & the belief that every body is unique and therefore must be guided accordingly in movement modalities. Jenny is known for her engaging teaching style and truly authentic approach to life.

We are all unique

What Sets Jenny Apart?



With over 20 years of experience of fitness & yoga, Jenny has a broad scope of leadership & education experience to successfully support the individual needs of her students and clients.


Ask anyone who has met Jenny and they’ll tell you she is REAL. Humble, honest & authentic while striving for growth in herself, and in the community, she leads.  Show up, and be the best you that you can be. Perfectly imperfect.



Exercise is NOT one-size-fits-all. We have unique needs and goals. Jenny has deep knowledge of anatomy and a keen ability to ensure that her clients always have options to make informed choices in classes.

“I had been practicing yoga regularly for about 3 years with a handful of different teachers before stepping into Jenny’s Flow class. I immediately felt welcomed and special. Jenny made the effort to learn my name in the first class, something I never experienced from any other teacher before. Her sense of humour, smile, warmth, relatability, use of Sanskrit and challenging flows immediately drew me in.  In taking Jenny’s class regularly I came to the “aha” moment that I too wanted to become a yoga teacher. She is the first teacher I truly felt connected with. She believed in me before I believed in myself.”

Sarah Melody – Barrie, Ontario